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It has been welcoming guests from all over the world since While the villa faces a spacious meadow and has a breathtaking view of a forest typical to the Druskininkai Region on one side, the blue waters of Lake Aviris and the flowing Avirė River is on the other Aviris, Avirė — they are interesting names in terms of their sound and origin.

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The extraordinary history of the origins of Lake Aviris and the exceptional beauty of Baltic nature inspired us to develop a tradition-oriented family business. We perceive tradition primarily as the preservation of family values. Therefore, one of our ultimate goals is to arrange an unforgettable space for family gatherings and festivities, by etc classic a comfortable atmosphere for both adults and children.

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We also highly respect the emerging business traditions in Lithuania, and that is why we are ready to assist in organising top-quality corporate training sessions or meetings.

We appreciate the people who show interest in their country and are eager to explore Etc classic region.

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Individual rooms of extra comfort level are always etc classic for them. Even though our villa is relatively new, we regard it as etc classic modern classic.

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Everything has been thought through and the tiniest details are cherished. The exterior features natural colours and, in the materials of the villa, we have aimed to stay in harmony with nature. Yet, once the doors are opened, you will find yourself in a modern world with cutting edge technologies, the most current sound and lighting system, Wi-Fi, etc.

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The classic features are etc classic represented by luxurious details: the high windows of the hall frame the beautiful scenery and allow the light to enter freely; while wooden framed arches transfer us to historic times; and the terrace leads straight to the wide meadow that stretches as far as the lake. We hope that this combination of comfort, cosiness and luxurious surroundings will make our guests feel completely relaxed, so that they can indulge in the gifts of nature and enjoy life.

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